In review:

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Peer-reviewed articles:

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            > Invited contribution to special issue on 'Eco-evo feedbacks in cold blood'

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            > Invited commentary

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> Selected as featured paper of Feb 2017 issue

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> Invited contribution to Special Issue on "Applied gene flow"
> Evo-Eco blog entry, " Florida panthers, Trinidadian guppies, and genetic rescue "

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 *authors contributed equally

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> Recommended as being of special significance in the field by F1000Prime
> Featured by CSU press
> Evo-Eco blog entry, "Retracing the legacy of guppy introductions past"

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Book chapters:

Fitzpatrick, S.W. & W.C. Funk (in review) Genomics for Genetic Rescue. In: Wildlife Conservation Genomics (ed. P. Hohenlohe). Springer.

Other publications:

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