"Contemporary natural history, inbued with renewed spirit and emergent on many fronts, is still essentially an outdoor science dependent on field exploration and discovery."  - Tom Eisner

Binocular trick came in handy for 85% in Tampa on ecclipse day (August 21, 2017)
March 22, 2017
Pen + ink gone over with water brush
by Jesse Ventzke, MSU undergrad, student in IBIO 357 Global Change Biology
June 2016
Shovel-snouted lizard (Meroles anchietae) gorging on termite alates after a rare mid-winter rain event in the Namib Sand Sea.
January 2011
Chironius snake predation event on Hypsiboas frog, Taylor River, Trinidad
October 2010
Fishing for the big ones
Upper Lalaja River, Trinidad
June 2016
Namaqua Chameleon spotted!
Far east dune, Namib Sand Sea, Namibia
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Nice document on Grinnellian style field notes 

Pro tip: Rite in the Rain notebooks can fit in your back pocket! Great for casual observations, sketches, poetry, and those important ideas not to forget...