Samantha Coisman, the artist of this watercolor studied guppy coloration as a CSU undergraduate

Welcome to the Fitz Lab!

We are based at Michigan State University's Kellogg Biological Station ( KBS ) in the Dept. of Integrative Biology. We are affiliated with the Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior ( E2B2 ) program at MSU. 

Our lab conducts ecological and evolutionary research on wide-ranging effects of global change on biodiversity. We combine a strong understanding of organisms in nature with a variety of molecular tools to answer fundamental and applied questions in evolution, ecology, and conservation .  Learn more about the research in our lab!

We celebrate and strongly encourage creativity and diversity in our lab.  
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Contact information:


Physical location:
W.K. Kellogg Biological Station
Stack Building 238 (office)
Stack Building 243 (molecular lab)
3700 E. Gull Lake Dr.
Hickory Corners, MI 49060

Lab updates...

MAY 2017

Fitz Lab quadruples!
Welcome Dan (REU), Madison (research tech.), and Vidhay (research tech.)! This team arrived and immediately hit the ground running: marking salamanders, exploring Rainbow darter sites, scrubbing cattle tanks, and extracting DNA. Summer programs at KBS are in full swing and research in the Fitz Lab has begun!

APRIL 2017

Invited talk to Zoological Students Association
I had a great time speaking to the MSU Zoological Students Association  about research in Trinidad, field stations, and applications of evolutionary biology to conservation. Thanks for the invitation!


Feature article in Animal Conservation
Our mini-mesocosm experiment showed that the addition of adaptively similar but genetically divergent individuals was most beneficial, but any immigration at all improved population fitness compared to the control. This paper was selected as the featured article of the month and had great commentaries written about it by Scott Mills , Catherine Grueber , and Dave Tallmon . More exciting results in the works from lead author and CSU grad student  John Kronenberger

 ASN Jasper Loftus-Hills Young Investigator Award
I am extremely honored to recieve the ASN YI Award this year! Thank you to ASN and to the many people who have supported my work in the field, in the lab, and elsewhere. Looking forward to presenting at the YI Symposium at ASN/SSE 2017 in Portland along with the 3 other awardees (all women, go ASN!). 


REU position open in Fitz Lab for Summer 2017

We are looking for a highly motivated undergraduate to join the lab as an REU student this summer. This is an exciting opportunity to conduct independent research and be a part of the active KBS summer community!
Learn  more about the REU program at KBS and how to apply

New KBS Molecular Ecology & Genomics Lab  is underway 

Many resident and visiting KBS faculty incorporate molecular work in their research. We have a new and updated shared molecular lab facility that accommodates a diverse set of molecular technologies in this growing field.
Read more about research in the MEG lab @ KBS

Fitz Lab launches at Kellogg Biological Station!